We believe that we are all storytellers. And we all have a story to tell about climate change


Featured Poem

Red Bell

The red bell curve

as it’s pulled along,

louder, deeper, hotter,

the sound all wrong.


Jane Strachan

Climate Services Manager, Met Office

Kids’ workshop, YMCA Broadclyst (Devon). Print animations that tell powerful stories in a few short frames.

When you're snorkelling around on the Barrier Reef, when you're sailing through the Arctic and you're seeing just coral rubble fields and ice melting into the sea it's heartbreaking, it's really very, very emotionally strong - and so to see it become a topic that's dry and emotionless, it's not right, it's a wasted opportunity, we're talking about it in the wrong way.
Tim Gordon
Marine Biologist, Climate Stories participant and 2019 winner of FameLab International

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We can guarantee this will be great fun and full of surprises – definitely not to be missed! If you think climate change is a depressing topic, you definitely need to hear Rosie Eade and friends in action. The evening will leave you smiling and hopeful!

Climate Stories is at the Lovelock Centenary Event at Exeter Uni

Address: The University of Exeter Forum (Streatham Campus)

Time and date: 29th – 31st July 2019

The event celebrates the 100th birthday of James Lovelock and his visionary approach to thinking about the Earth as a living system. Climate Stories will be represented at this exceptional opportunity to explore Earth system thinking.

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CIimate Stories Dartington. Scientists working together and creating artwork.

We have put arts practitioners together with climate scientists to equip a cohort of volunteer climate scientists with narrative skills through an intensive workshop exploring different methods of storytelling.

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