Our Team and Project Partners

Prof. Peter Stott

Peter is Professor of Detection and Attribution, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Exeter; Acting Director of the Met Office Hadley Centre. Distinguished research record into the science of climate change and extensive experience in communicating climate science through the IPCC (Lead Author Fourth Assessment Report and Coordinating Lead Author, Fifth Assessment Report), the media including BBC, Channel 4 and National Geographic TV, and public engagement events, including through WAM – Weather, Arts and Music (co-founder).

Pierrette Thomet

Pierrette is a Mezzo-soprano and artist with a strong interest in the interfaces between arts and sciences. Founder/Director of WAM – Weather Art and Music, an initiative exploring new ways of engaging communities with the science of weather and climate through collaboration with the arts on public engagement events. Awarded the 2014 RMetS Michael Hunt Award. WAM was awarded the European Meteorological Society Outreach and Communication Award in 2015.

Dr. Evelyn O'Malley

Dr Evelyn O’Malley

Evelyn is Lecturer in Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Exeter, with a background in performance practice. Emerging record of research within the environmental humanities, with an emphasis on theatre and performance that addresses weather and climate change. An experienced facilitator with over ten years’ experience of working professionally within the amateur and community theatre sector.

Fiona Lovell

Fiona Lovell

Fiona is Artist and Outreach Coordinator for Double Elephant Print Workshop(DEPW) in Exeter. DEPW provides community workshops not just to teach printmaking but to engage people in debate on all manner of topics and to introduce them to new technology. DEPW work with people of all ages and abilities from all sections of society.

Sally Flint

Sally Flint

Sally is an award winning published writer who lectures in creative writing at the English Department at the University of Exeter. She has a strong track record of successfully working with established writers, schools and community groups who do not usually have the opportunity to write. Co- founder and editor of Riptide short story journal. Tutor with The Poetry School in London.

Rosie Eade

Rosie Eade

Rosie is a senior climate scientist at the Met Office, and a singer/song-writer inspired by the folk tradition of storytelling. Awarded the 2016 WMO Professor Mariolopoulos Trust Fund Award for her lead author paper of 2014. STEM ambassador and experienced music workshop leader. She has recorded two albums (with positive reviews from R2 magazine and BBC Devon and Bristol radio airplay), presented at prestigious international science conferences, and performed on main stages at popular UK festivals.

Dan Plews.jpg

Dan Plews

Dan has sung and played traditional music most of his life, and written songs for half of it. He holds the nationally-required post-grad adult teaching qualification (DTTLS) and has taught Songwriting in Further and Higher Education since 2010. Dan has toured and recorded with Eliza Carthy, Jon Boden, Dansaul and Ian Giles. In addition, he writes and performs solo and with Dansmall, and is a member of the Aortas Ceilidh Band.

Prof. Stewart Barr

Prof Stewart Barr

Stewart is Professor of Geography at the University of Exeter with a strong track record of working with an extensive non-academic collaborator network to understand behavioural change, and to explore new knowledge frameworks for engaging with environmental change. His expertise lies in facilitating knowledge co-production between a diverse range of stakeholders and he advocates for an up-ending of hierarchical forms of knowledge transfer through traditional communication techniques.

Dr Ewan Woodley

Dr Ewan Woodley

Ewan is Senior Lecturer in Geography at the University of Exeter. A leader in the development of educational research on environmental issues including research into constructing knowledge and understanding of hazard risks. Through a wide range of funded initiatives his work has produced public-facing, impact oriented educational outputs in the fields of travel, food, conservation and wellbeing. Ewan has significant experience at organising and developing science outreach in Higher Education.

Prof. Chris Rapley

Prof Chris Rapley

Chris is Professor of Climate Science at University College London. Current focus: strengthening the public discourse on climate science. With the playwright Duncan Macmillan he wrote and performed at the Royal Court Theatre, London the acclaimed play ‘2071 – The World We’ll Leave Our Grandchildren’. In 2008 he was awarded the Edinburgh Science Medal for having made ‘a significant contribution to the understanding and wellbeing of humanity’.

Dr Catherine Muller

Dr Catherine Muller

Catherine Muller is Head of Public Engagement at the Royal Meteorological Society. A Phd in Atmospheric Science, she has extensive experience in educational outreach, public engagement and science communication activities.

Miranda Addey

Project Partner: Miranda Addey, Institute of Physics

Miranda is Institute of Physics: South West Regional Outreach Coordinator. Miranda has direct experience of rolling-out a national storytelling programme centred on science communication.

Felicity Liggins

Project Partner: Felicity Liggins, Met Office

Felicity is Met Office STEM Outreach Manager. She has extensive experience of innovative public engagement and has significantly increased the STEM capabilities of the Met Office, inspiring early career scientists to get involved in public engagement. The Met Office STEM Outreach Programme was awarded the European Meteorological Society Outreach and Communication Award in 2014.